Your landscaping is an important asset to your property that needs to be maintained on a yearly basis. concord maintenance can either provide a specific maintenance service or a complete maintenance program customized for your property. Call us so we can begin providing any of the following services for your important asset.


  • Bed preparation as well as installation of mulch
  • Great way to add uniformity to your landscape
  • Helps prevent weeds while holding moisture



Bed Edging

  • Maintain and create a clean, tailored look
  • Our crew uses a sharp spade or bed trencher
  • Blends into any landscape


Annual & Perennial Planting

  • Add some seasonal colour to your landscape
  • Planted in flower bed, hanging basket or pot
  • Annuals are typically installed after May 20th


Tree & Shrub Fertilization

  • Both residential and commercial properties
  • Monitoring/controlling insect and disease problems
  • Suppressing weed competition


Weed & Insect Control

  • Keeping your lawn and landscape healthy
  • Environmentally feasible, and socially acceptable
  • We greatly reduce potential pest problems
  • We Hold our provincial pesticide applicators license


Pruning & Shearing

  • Essential part of landscape maintenance
  • Provide you with timely/professional trimming
  • Pruning will help produce structural strength


Leaf Removal

  • Excess leaves can restrict sunlight/nutrients
  • Stop spending your free time raking leaves
  • We’ll remove and take the leaves with us


Mowing Program

  • Offers both Commercial and Residential mowing
  • Includes line trimming, edging and blowing
  • Highly trained crew to properly care for your lawn


Water Feature Maintenance

  • Add rocks & gravel as needed
  • Inspect, trim and thin aquatic plants as necessary
  • Pressure clean rocks and waterfall


Snow Removal

  • Full range of services throughout the winter
  • Snow plowing, sidewalk snow management
  • Icemelt application, snow relocation


Traction Sand box

  • Offer your tenants and maintenance staff quick and easy access to traction sand for sidewalk and parking lot safety.
  • We provide esthetically pleasing storage box full of traction sand placed in a convenient location for easy access.
  • A great way to make customer safety a priority.
  • Eight cubic feet of traction sand will usually last an entire season.
  • Refills are available upon request.
  • We will store the box off site duringthe off season.
  • All you have to do is call, or send an email request and we will do the hard work.